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Who We Are

The Biomedical Engineering Students’ Society, BMESS, is a student-run organization at the University of Calgary. As a representation of all the students currently in the biomedical engineering specialization, we work to create enriching opportunities for our students that will give them the necessary knowledge and skills needed for their future career endeavors. We aim to connect our students to local companies to expose them to current biomedical engineering advances. BMESS also oversees many social events throughout the academic year that unites our student body.

Our council for 2018-2019 is excited to continue providing opportunities to our students, improve upon and bring new events to the University. For this to happen, we need your help! Sponsoring our organization offers many benefits and opportunities to companies and individuals as well. 

Why We Matter

With the rapid development in the biomedical industry, there is an increased need for passionate engineers. Biomedical engineers make important differences every day by extending lives and improving the quality of life for people around the world. 

At the University of Calgary, there are over 250 Biomedical Engineering researchers working in multidisciplinary teams innovating solutions to real-world problems. The Biomedical Engineering Students’ Society is actively working to make their mark in the future by creating opportunities for these students. 


Help Us Help You

Your participation will produce a valuable return on investment in that, as a corporate sponsor, you will have access to young, vibrant minds that could serve in internship roles or potential candidates for recruitment upon graduation. The amalgamation of rigorous academic courses with the profound involvement in extracurricular opportunities such as research and work experience, our students and alumni emerge with unparalleled skills and attitude. We hope to extend this pool of highly motivated and dedicated students to your company. 

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