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BMESS Fitness Initiative Program

Tackling the Issue

As we enter this new year, many individuals set exercise related goals such as ‘New Year Resolutions’, but often lose motivation after a period of time. For some, this could be explained by the intimidation of going to the gym for the first time, and the lack of knowledge/guidance (thus confidence) in using the equipment. We propose to create a program that pairs a student who is interested in going to the gym for the first time, with another student who is more experienced and comfortable with leading someone else through their workouts. An ‘experienced’ student can be defined as an individual who has been to the gym for two or more years, and is comfortable with leading. This program is completely voluntary, and is based on peer mentorship – that is, there will not be ‘training’ for the mentors.  The pairing process will be carried out through an online form, and the meetings between the paired individuals would be coordinated among themselves, according to their own schedules. This program offers opportunities for students to develop leadership skills and can create a community of individuals who are challenged and encouraged to develop a physically active lifestyle. To incorporate a regular-social event aspect, we plan to also organize monthly activities on campus, such as dodgeball tournaments and boulder meets, which will further form relations within the community.

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Neuro Nexus Hackathon

For brain science and mental health 

Call for talent! 
Neuro Nexus is a multidisciplinary hackathon program that aims to bridge multidisciplinary divides and address challenges in care and accelerate the translation of research to impact. We're calling technically proficient individuals like you to address these real-world challenges in brain science and mental health! 

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